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Catalog Production with MediaInteraction

8. January 2010


SoftBricks MediaInteraction allows you to produce illustrated catalogs, brochures or trade fair catalogs almost automatically in a simple and flexible way.

MediaInteraction is being handled in your web browser. Hence you do not need to install any additional software on your local machines. MediaInteraction uses up-to-date web technologies such as “drag&drop” and “AJAX” to provide simple and intuitive working methods.

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Quark Releases Case Study With SoftBricks Customer Versandhaus Walz

31. January 2009

Quark released a case study with SoftBricks customer Versandhaus Walz. It describes how Versandhaus Walz could make his processes much more effecitve using Walz MediaDB. The Walz MediaDB is programed by SoftBricks using the MediaRally Technology Framework.

The Pressrelease is available at the following link at the Quark WebSite:

Versandhaus Walz GmbH entscheidet sich für vollautomatisiertes Quark Dynamic Publishing

Xinet Released Client Update

12. September 2008

Xinet released a Client Update with the XTensions for QuarkXPress8 and support for Firefox 3.

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ContactSheet General Information

9. September 2008

contactsheet_small_0.jpgSoftBricks ContactSheet enables a WebNative user to generate a PDF catalog out of the items in his basket. The PDF is transfered to the users browser, who can use the PDF as he wants.
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PUSHyourCart Access Modes

9. September 2008

With SoftBricks PUSHyourCart a Xinet WebNative user is able to transfer his basket to another user.

PUSHyourCart can be used in different operation modes. The operation mode defines to which WebNative users a basket can be transfered.

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PUSHyourCart Configuration

9. September 2008

SoftBricks PUSHyourCart has the possibility to configure the different parts of the software to your needs. You can configure the access mode as well as the language or the design of the user interface.
PUSHyouCart can be configured to the different needs of a user by editing a configuration file. For each user a specific configuration can be set.

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